Totally agree that masculine socialization exists, and is extremely toxic and harmful. Not sure I follow why you think I expect anyone (of any gender) to pretend that “sex and sexed socialization don’t exist” — just to realize that neither gender nor sex are binary, and so binary socialization is harmful, to everyone.

The argument I am making is that even those who consider themselves “women” (in Western discourse, cis-women) may want to think through why they believe they are women… a lot of the things they may have thought differentiated them (in either sex or socialization) from “men” are changeable and circumstantial, not absolute.

I guess I’m saying that the definition of the word ‘woman’ is currently rooted in the trauma of binary socialization. Take away that socialization and the definition of ‘woman’ can freely expand or even dissolve entirely.

Author of "Driving by Starlight" and “The Night Wolves” I'm on Twitter at @anat_deracine

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