See the Matrix. Burrow deep into it.

Understanding systemic problems and inequitable outcomes
  • Bullying is not tolerated at Hogwarts. Everyone in Ravenclaw has received mandatory training on this.
  • If Luna did not report being bullied, whatever happened to her must not be described as bullying.
  • If Flitwick did not report or investigate the bullying he observed, Flitwick is in violation of expectations of faculty, and loses points for Ravenclaw.
  • Since bullying is not tolerated at Hogwarts, surviving bullying is not part of students’ expectations. Luna could not have exceeded expectations that could not exist.
  • Preferential treatment for Luna amounts to favoritism and creates new inequities. After all, Harry Potter is bullied, has low support at home, and nearly dies a lot, and it’s not as if he gets points every time he survives.



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Anat Deracine

Anat Deracine

Author of "Driving by Starlight" and “The Night Wolves” I'm on Twitter at @anat_deracine